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Shake up your life: how to change your own perspective

January 18, 2019



Is stability rooted in certainty? Do we continue to maintain the cycle of a perfunctory existence for the sake of certainty? we leap into the void with blind faith? For many years now, I have advocated and fostered the idea that we are the sole creators of our own realities. Yet, my own failure to launch in this area has extended over many years and has held me captive to the limited existence certainty brings. This is not the epitome of what I would consider stability. True stability, then, is very much rooted in uncertainty...rooted in one's ability to know, without question, the capacity to achieve any desire and to live life on one's own terms. One's willingness to step into unfamiliar territory as opposed to remaining within the confines of familiarity, is truly the key to free living and achieving true stability.  To that end, this site exists as a product of my own desire to let go of certainty and to return to the work I am meant to do, as was realized many years ago in my former holistic practice. I look forward to this uncertain journey and what it brings!



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