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I am Marcia Hendrix, CLC, CRMT (aka Luna), also formerly known as Marcia Gaither during my time practicing my holistic work in Atlanta. I am, once again, fully available to provide various services to include intuitive readings, tarot readings, Reiki sessions and attunements, as well as chakra balancing and therapy. I am clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient and get messages through one or more of these methods during my sessions. I am also a certified Life Coaching and a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher. I am a lightworker and I am here to do my part in helping to facilitate the ascension of others who are prepared for such a transition.


"Marcia is an amazing intuitive with a tremendous gift for healing. I have worked with Marcia for over 20 years, and her readings and healing sessions have changed my life. I literally wouldn’t be here if she had not given me a chakra clearing session before my cervical cancer surgery. That surgery was a potential exit point from this life for me. I learned that as a result of our healing session, and I was prepared for that moment when it came. I decided to stay, when the moment to decide came because I had an infant son whom I couldn’t leave behind. Marcia has been family to me for a long time, and I recommend her because she genuinely cares for the people she works with, healing them is a life-calling for her, and it shows in everything she does. She is also a light-worker of the highest vibration and caliber. You will benefit from every session you are lucky enough to have with Marcia; if you do the work, you can recreate your life according to your life purpose. She will guide and root for you the entire way."

B. Shirley

"I have known Marcia for 20 years her.. she is amazing. Marcia is incredibly talented with just the right amount of kindness and wisdom that helps her  communicate the information in a clear and positive way. I am grateful for her guidance through the years."

M. Santos

"Marcia has a truly amazing gift. Using her intuition and her training as a CRMT, she can tap into your energy to give you the most accurate, personalized reading you've ever had."

J. Pruitt

"Never before have I had such inspiring and truthful insights into my life and all that it encompasses. Your ability to reach through the vail and pull back the curtains to a greater state of enlightenment are unparalleled. Truly yours is a Magical experience."

W. Colburn

"I first met Marcia when my life turned upside down. I was in a time of fear, grief, hurt, and distress. I could not understand why my world was crumbling. In my search for answers, I met Marcia. Marcia with love, patience, understanding, non judgement, and compassion elevated my soul. Marcia gave me a deeper understanding of why this was happening in my world, and it was for my soul’s growth, and sometimes that involved hearing things I did not want to, but it made me realize that I should not have attachment to just one outcome out of my fear, but I should trust God’s higher plan and purpose. I was in a toxic relationship that I did not want to let go of out of fear. The journey that Marcia navigated me through helped me to become a stronger woman and obtain the spiritual tools that will help me for the rest of my life to be a strong and independent and more fearless. I will always be indebted to Marcia for the growth she helped me accomplish and helping me get out of those times when I was stuck in fear. Marcia is very wise, and she’s got many spiritual gifts to help you navigate your life. She made me realize that there are spiritual helpers, and we have free will and so do others so the outcome is not set. However, it is always wonderful to talk to a spiritual counselor like Marcia who can guide you with a beautiful spirit and heart️."

V. Singh

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