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Leaping Into the Void

Sometimes we ponder what it might be like to take that proverbial "leap into the void" in hopeless wonder that we might, one day, muster the courage to actually do so. Although, more times than not, we tend to find our way right back to the warmth and comfort of complacency. All this, only to spend each subsequent day lamenting the lack of the leap. Over and over again, we punish ourselves both because we've seemingly done nothing of value with our lives and for allowing fear to threaten us into making decisions that leave us empty and, ironically, void of any real sense of accomplishment.

If we continue such a perfunctory and meaningless journey to nowhere with full knowledge of our ability and desire to go somewhere, we perpetuate the after day after day. For the last number of years, I have had this same battle cycling viciously through my psyche every day. Waking up feeling hopeless of ever having the opportunity to forge my own path and to live, unapologetically, in my truth has been part of my morning routine for far longer than I care to admit. For most of my adult life, I have allowed myself to cling desperately to an extraordinarily false sense of security by subjecting myself, for a salary, to the whims and abuses of others because I allowed myself to see stability in it. However, in a bold and self-motivating shove off of the cliff, I recently turned in my resignation from my mundane job, my 9 to 5, my conventional and outdated belief of what making a living means, and so on.

The thing is, I know absolutely, without question, that I can live whatever kind of life I choose to live. I know my ability to manifest my chosen way of life, both emotionally and materially, is limitless! LIMITLESS! These things, I have known for as far back as I can remember but have only practiced on a small scale. A little manifestation here, a little manifestation there, then it's back on the 'I choose to be miserable and cater to the whims of others because I know exactly what my paycheck will be' train.

There are no longer any seats on that train for me. I am The Creator of my reality and I choose to live in my purpose and to be genuinely happy and fulfilled within it as well as to share the wealth and prosperity of it! As such, I look forward to sharing this journey publicly and, as previously stated, unapologetically. There is SO much ground to cover, so much to make up for and I'm excited for reaching out and grabbing the opportunity for myself and for you!

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