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Manifestation 101

Most of us are familiar with the adage "you are what you eat." While, that might be true of the physical body, we should also be mindful that we are what we think. On many occasions, I have discussed the topic of manifestation and what it really means in my own life and the roller coaster ride of vacillating between believing and not believing. At the end of the day, I know without doubt, of my ability to manifest. However, achieving a place of absolute knowing is where the hard work begins. This is where the necessity of becoming more cognizant of our thought patterns becomes paramount to the process of learning to manifest the life we choose versus a life of complacency. You might recall (or you can just read it now) my previous blog in which I discussed the idea of being complacent and clinging to a false sense of security for the sake of a regular paycheck. Ultimately, I awakened to the fact that I was stuck in a loop, if you will. While I was receiving a bi-weekly paycheck, I was only manifesting misery and discontent with my circumstances and allowing myself to remain stuck in that place for far longer than I care to admit.

Now, as I sit here, typing this blog from the comfort of my very own space, I feel the highest sense of gratitude for realizing my capacity to free myself from the chains of control and conformity. In this freedom, I confidently know that I AM the Source of the flow of my abundance. In this, I have the freedom to live unapologetically in my truth and in harmony with the Universe, knowing, at all times, that I AM the infinite flow of abundance. Please understand, this state of being was not easily achieved. As with all things in this human experience, you must commit to doing the work. Every day, it is important to reaffirm self-belief so as to counteract the very human self-doubt. As such, simple steps to this process is simply taking time on a daily basis to look in the mirror and remind yourself that YOU are the creator of your reality...that YOU ARE the source of your infinite flow of abundance. Own it and embrace it and ultimately you begin to break free from the social conditioning and programming that has taught you fear of lack. Remember, you deserve to be in this human experience from a place of pure love and unadulterated joy and happiness. You deserve to create only the best experience for yourself. Never give your power away. Namaste'


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